DC5525 & DC5521 Connector Cable

1. Distributor material:Nylon 66 UL94V-0
2. Distributor color: Black
3. Distributor Tem perature Range: – 15° ~+105°
4. Cable material: UL 2468 22AWG Black
5. Cable Temperature Range: – 1 5° ~ +80°
6. Voltage Rating: Max.24V DC
7. Current Rating: Max.2. 5A
8. DC Plug: 3.5×1. 4mm

Product Description

Upgrade your power connections with our high-quality DC5525 & DC5521 connector cable. Designed for reliability and efficiency, this connector cable is perfect for powering various electronic devices and LED lighting systems.

dc5521 splitter cable (customizable)
dc5521 splitter cable (customizable)
DC Jack
DC Jack


Key Features:

  • Standard DC5521 Connector: Compatible with a wide range of devices and applications.
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Flexible Length Options: Available in various lengths to suit different installation needs.
  • Easy to Use: Simple plug-and-play design for hassle-free connections.
  • Stable Power Transmission: Ensures consistent and reliable power delivery to your devices.


DC5525 / DC5521 Connector Cable Applications:

  • Ideal for LED lighting projects
  • Suitable for powering CCTV cameras
  • Perfect for electronic devices and gadgets
  • Great for DIY electronics projects


DC5521 Connector Cable Specifications:

  • Connector Type: DC5521 (5.5mm outer diameter, 2.1mm inner diameter) / DC5525 (5.5mm outer diameter, 2.5mm inner diameter)
  • Cable Length Options: Customization
  • Voltage Rating: Supports up to 24v
  • Current Capacity: Up to 2.5A
  • Material: High-quality copper wire for efficient power transmission



  • Ensures a secure and stable connection for your devices
  • Reduces power loss and enhances device performance
  • Versatile and compatible with various devices and applications


Experience reliable and efficient power connections with our DC5521 connector cable. Perfect for all your electronic and LED lighting needs.

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