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Product Description

A 4-pin RGB connector wire cable is commonly used in various applications, particularly in connecting RGB LED strips or RGB fans to a controller or power supply. Here’s a brief overview of the components and typical usage of such a cable:

4 pin led connector cable
4 pin led connector cable


  1. 4-Pin Connector: The cable has a connector with four pins:
    • Red (R)
    • Green (G)
    • Blue (B)
    • Ground (GND) or Common Cathode
  2. Wires: Four individual wires, each typically color-coded (e.g., red, green, blue, and black or white for ground).


Typical Usage

  • RGB LED Strips: These cables are used to connect RGB LED strips to a controller, allowing for the control of color and brightness.
  • RGB Fans: Similarly, they can connect RGB fans in a PC to the motherboard or an RGB controller.
  • RGB Controllers: Used to interface between the RGB lighting and a controller or remote control system.


application of RGB connector cable
application of RGB connector cable


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wire & connector option
wire & connector option

Wiring and Pinout

The wiring convention for a 4-pin RGB connector is usually as follows:

  1. Pin 1: Red (R)
  2. Pin 2: Green (G)
  3. Pin 3: Blue (B)
  4. Pin 4: Ground (GND)



When connecting an RGB LED strip:

  1. Match the connector pins to the corresponding pins on the LED strip.
  2. Ensure the ground pin is correctly aligned to avoid damage.
  3. Connect the other end to the RGB controller or power source, making sure the ground pin matches.


Important Considerations

  • Compatibility: Ensure the connector matches the type used by your RGB devices (e.g., some may use a 5-pin or different layout).
  • Power Requirements: Verify the power requirements of the RGB LEDs or fans to avoid overloading.
  • Polarity: Double-check connections for correct polarity to prevent damage.


Example of a Common Product

  • 4-Pin RGB LED Extension Cable: These cables extend the reach of RGB LED strips, making it easier to position them in desired locations without worrying about the distance to the controller.


Purchase Options


These cables can be purchased from electronic stores, online marketplaces like Amazon, or specialized lighting shops. When purchasing, ensure the cable length and connector type match your requirements.

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