JST XH Connector Cable (Customize)

Length: Customized
Color: Black/White/Red/Blue/Green
Connector: JST/TE/Molex/SM
Wire Gauge: 18AWG~22AWG
Conductor: Pure Copper
Material: PVC Copper

Product Description

What is a JST XH Connector?

The JST XH connector is a reliable and versatile connection solution widely used in various electronic devices and lighting products. Known for its secure connections and robust design, it is a preferred choice among lighting manufacturers, power supply companies, and cabinet lighting manufacturers.


JST XH 2pin Male Plug
JST XH 2pin Male Plug
JST XH 2pin Female Socket
JST XH 2pin Female Socket
JST XH 2pin wafer connector
JST XH 2pin wafer connector


Customization Options for JST XH Connectors

  1. Various Pin Configurations: Available in multiple pin counts (2-pin, 3-pin, 4-pin, etc.) to accommodate different connection needs.
  2. Custom Wire Lengths: Offered in custom lengths to reduce excess wiring and enhance installation flexibility.
  3. Pre-stripped and Tinned Ends: Can be provided with pre-stripped and tinned wire ends for easy and secure installation.



  1. High Reliability: Provides stable electrical connections, ensuring optimal device performance.
  2. Versatile Design: Suitable for a wide range of applications due to its robust and compact design.
  3. Customizable Options: Available in various pin configurations and wire lengths to meet specific project requirements.
  4. Easy Installation: Features a simple, user-friendly design that facilitates quick and easy installation.



  • LED Lighting: Ideal for connecting LED modules and power supplies, ensuring reliable and consistent power transmission.
  • Power Modules: Used to connect various power modules and electronic components efficiently.
  • Cabinet Lighting: Provides a clean and reliable connection solution for cabinet lighting installations.


How to Choose the Right JST XH Connector

Consider the following factors:

  1. Current and Voltage Requirements: Ensure the connector meets the specific electrical needs of your device.
  2. Pin Configuration: Select the appropriate pin count based on your connection requirements.
  3. Environmental Conditions: Choose connectors that can withstand the operational environment, such as high-temperature or moisture-prone areas.
  4. Compatibility: Verify that the connector is compatible with your existing equipment and other connectors.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the maximum current rating ?
Typically suitable for low to moderate current applications.

2. How to ensure a secure connection?
After inserting the wires, gently tug them to confirm a firm connection. Use additional securing methods like heat shrink tubing or electrical tape if necessary.



JST XH connectors are essential for a variety of lighting applications, offering high reliability, versatile design, and ease of installation. With options for various pin configurations, custom lengths, and pre-stripped or tinned ends, these connectors provide superior connectivity solutions tailored to your specific needs. For high-quality JST XH connectors, contact us for more information.


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