Applications for the Cabinet Lighting Industry 

Recessed Cabinet Lights

Low Voltage Harnesses: Specifically designed for LED cabinet lights, low voltage harnesses ensure safe and effective power transmission. 

Moisture-Resistant Harnesses: ideal for culinary settings, as they shield harness functionality from being compromised by dampness. 

Module Connection Harnesses: Harnesses connect many lighting modules to provide unified control. 

Strip Cabinet Lights

Connection Harnesses: Connect many strip lights to ensure uniform lighting using connection harnesses. 

Dimming Harnesses: The harnesses support dimming features for a comfortable lighting experience. 

Sensor Cabinet Lights

Sensor Connection Harnesses: Attach sensor connection harnesses to lights to provide intelligent control. 

Power Harnesses: Offer a steady power source to guarantee the dependability of sensor lights. 

Standalone Cabinet Lights

Switch Harnesses: Attach switches to independent lights to make things more convenient for users. 

Battery Connection Harnesses: Battery connection harnesses are utilized for cabinet lights that run on batteries, guaranteeing dependable power connections. 

Specific Applications

Kitchen Lighting: Install wire harnesses to provide dependability in humid and hot conditions for under-cabinet lighting in kitchens. 

Wardrobe Lighting: Utilized fixtures for lighting in wardrobes, providing adaptable and secure harness options. 

Display Case Lighting: This type of lighting ensures that objects are shown with ideal illumination. 

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