Indoor Lighting Industry Application Scenarios

Chandeliers and Ceiling Lights

Power Harnesses: To guarantee the correct lighting fixtures’ operation and provide a steady power supply. 

Signal Harnesses: Send out dimming signals to accomplish innovative dimming features. 

Connection Harnesses: Connect the different lighting modules using connection harnesses to guarantee the coordinated operation of the complete fixture. 

Wall Lamps and Table Lamps

Power Harnesses: A secure power transmission is appropriate for various installation locations and conditions. 

Switch Harnesses: Connect switches to the lamps to enable on/off control using switch harnesses. 

Smart Control Harnesses: These are used for bright lighting and accept remote or voice control. 

Recessed Lighting

ire-Resistant Harnesses: Meet fire safety regulations and are appropriate for the secure installation of recessed lighting. 

Low Voltage Harnesses: Low Voltage LED lights are equipped with harnesses that measure voltage to ensure safety and efficiency. 

Specific Applications

Residential Lighting: Provide wire harnesses for different lighting fixtures to guarantee stable and safe operation. 

Commercial Lighting: Commercial lighting is utilized in retail centres, office buildings, and other locations. It offers premium wire harnesses to facilitate extensive installations and intricate lighting schemes. 

Public Lighting: Public lighting refers to the use of safe, long-lasting wire harnesses in public areas such as hospitals and schools. 

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