Foot Pedal Switch Use for Floor Lamp Standing Lamp Table Lights

<strong>Product description

Colour: Black
Size: The bottom diameter is 70mm/2.76inch
Material: Plastic
Feature: Every time you push-on/push-off, the central projecting cover get locked to secure the switch box and no mind it popped out of place.
Note: Dear buyers, there may be slight differences in actual size due to manual measurement and other reasons

Product Description

Our foot switch includes 1 piece with 2 terminals, designed for versatile operation with either foot or hand. This simple-to-use switch ensures convenience and efficiency in various applications.

Operation mode ON-OFF
Current rating 2 Amps
Operating voltage 250 Volts
Contact type Normally Open
Connector type Plug In
Terminal Solder
Circuit type 1-way
Actuator type Push Button
Item Weight ‎41 g
Colour ‎Black
Switch Type ‎1-way
Included components ‎Foot Switch
Batteries Required? ‎No

Round Foot Switch diameter 70mm
Round Foot Switch diameter 70mm

Foot Pedal Switch Use for Floor Lamp Standing Lamp Table Lights
Foot Switch with 2 Terminals

Proper Size and Elegant Design

The foot switch has a bottom diameter of 70mm (2.76 inches), making it compact yet effective. Its sleek black color and circular design offer a simple and elegant look, perfect for meeting your daily operational needs.

Easy Installation

Featuring a double pole single throw connection, this switch is easy to install. To disassemble, insert a screwdriver into one of the rear slots, unscrew to open that side, and repeat for the other slot. This straightforward process ensures a hassle-free setup.

Reliable Design

Every time you push on or push off, the central projecting cover locks securely in place, preventing the switch box from popping out of position. This feature ensures reliable and consistent operation.

Versatile Use Scenarios

This press switch is ideal for various lighting equipment, including desk lamps and floor lamps. Its wide application range makes it a versatile choice for different lighting needs.

Fongkit’s Foot Pedal Switch Key Features:

  • Enhanced Grip: Secure connection with improved bite force.
  • UL Recognized: Meets stringent safety and quality standards.
  • Compact Size: 70mm/2.76 inches in diameter.
  • Easy Installation: Simple disassembly and setup process.
  • Reliable Design: Secure locking mechanism with push-on/push-off action.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for desk lamps, floor lamps, and more.

Optimize your lighting solutions with our reliable and easy-to-use foot switch, designed to meet your everyday needs while ensuring safety and efficiency.



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