How to choose the connector

  1. The structural size of the connector: the overall size is very important. The connection in the product has certain space restrictions, especially the connector on the single board, which cannot interfere with other components. The appropriate installation method should be selected according to the use space and installation location: the installation and fixing methods include screws, collars, rivets or fast locking of the bayonet of the connector itself, etc., and the appearance is straight, curved, T-shaped, round, square) and other shapes.
  2. Connector shielding performance: With the development of communication products, connectors are getting more and more attention. The selected connector requires a metal housing and the cable requires a shield. The shielding layer should be connected with the metal shell of the connector to achieve the shielding effect. It is also possible to use injection molding to wrap the plug with copper skin, and the shielding layer of the cable is welded with the copper skin.
  3. Mistake prevention plug design for connectors: The misuse prevention plug has two aspects: one is the connector itself, and the connector itself rotates 180 degrees, resulting in signal connection errors. At this point, care should be taken to select the misuse-proof plug connector as much as possible, or to assemble independently by adjusting the relative positional relationship of the connectors. On the other hand, in order to reduce the type of material, several signals use the same connector. At this time, the A plug may be inserted into the B plug. At this time, it should be noted that if this happens, there will be serious consequences.

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